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Week 1 (7/1-7/5)

Draw from life and observation, and create both realistic and abstract drawings from closely looking at the space and the things around you. Draw animals, dinosaurs, the room, flowers, hands, face, and what else you could think of!

Drawing from Observation

Week 2 (7/8-7/12)

Learn about the sensational ideas behind the Pop Art movement. Students will explore colors and boldness employed by pop artists, and create paintings and drawings inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama and make their own bold designs.

Painting & Pop Art

Week 3 (7/15-7/19)

Let’s create and paint dinosaur figures and clay pots! You can build 3D constructions from recycled materials and cardboard. Build sculptures out of your imagination, or from observation.

Building and Sculpture I

Week 4 (7/22-7/26)

This is a continuation of Building and Sculpture I, where students will be exploring building and sculpting small and large constructions using a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, clay, and other recyclable materials.

Building and Sculpture II

Week 5 (7/29-8/2)

Students will learn about Surrealism and explore making art that creates mystery and surprise using collage and drawing techniques used by Surrealist artists.

Collage & Surrealism

Week 6 (8/5-8/9)

Students will learn about techniques for making different types of prints to explore printmaking using a variety of materials such as strings, bubblesheets, blocks, and many more!


Week 7 (8/12-8/16)

Students will create both realistic and abstract drawings and paintings using dry and wet media through studying objects from up close and experimenting with shapes and lines. Drawing from imagination is encouraged as well as drawing from observation.

Drawing & Painting

Week 8 (8/19-8/23)

Personal Exploration I is a valuable opportunity for students to apply the techniques they’ve learned over the summer to create a meaningful body of work that resonates with their unique vision and interests. It’s a chance for self-expression and growth.

Personal Exploration I

Week 9 (8/26-8/30)

Personal Exploration II is a continuation of Personal Exploration I, where students take on the challenge to further explore their unique vision and interests by experimenting with techniques learned over the summer and create a synthesis of what they have made in the past.

Personal Exploration II

Camp Schedule

7/1/2024 - 8/30/2024

9 weeks

Morning Session:

9:00 - 12:00 PM
Afternoon Session:

1:00 - 4:00 PM

$350 per week (1 session)

$1,050 for 3 weeks

2nd-8th Grade

Summer Excursion

Week 1 (7/5)


Bronx Zoo

Week 2 (7/12)

Mountain Creek Resort, Vernon, NJ

New York Aquarium

Week 3 (7/19)


Museum of Math

Week 4 (7/26)

Brooklyn, NY

Flying Apples- Indoor Playground

Week 5 (8/2)


Broadway/ Off-Broadway Shows for Kids

(Additional fee may occur)

Week 6 (8/9)


Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Week 7 (8/16)

LeFrak Center, NYC

Roller Skating

Week 8 (8/23)


American Museum of Natural History

Week 9 (8/30)


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Seasonal Camp

Join us on our vibrant summer journey at our camp, where each week unveils exciting art themes and hands-on exploration! From theater warm-ups and games to art gallery visits, it's a summer of creativity and inspiration. Additionally, we will venture on exciting excursions every Friday to kid-friendly destinations near NYC.

Who is Ready for a Summer full of Art, Adventure, and Fun?!

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