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3:30 - 5:00 PM

$60 per class

​*Inquire for a promotion

K-8th Grade

After School

Ignite creativity in young artists with our customized After School classes!

From Kindergarten to teens, we provide themed creative exploration, fostering the development of their distinct visual language.

Kindergartens to 2nd Graders 

Our program for K-2nd graders sparks their inquisitiveness and playful spirit, allowing them to express imaginative stories through their first artistic images with hands-on exploration. Nurture their creativity at DMOS Art!

In this class, students will create:

  • paint the alphabet

  • make rockets in space

  • draw animals and paint like Mondrian

  • ... and so much more!

  • self portraits using a variety of materials

  • draw from their imagination

  • create lines and line sculptures

  • make music collages

  • print shapes and lines

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